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    毒死蜱是否列入POPs, 2021年1月見分曉?。?!


    毒死蜱是否列入POPs, 2021年1月見分曉?。?!

    2020年10月14日,歐洲化學品管理局(ECHA)在其官網上發出通告,邀請各利益相關方對毒死蜱(Chlorpyrifos)列入歐盟持久性有機污染物法規(Persistent Organic Pollutants Regulation, POPs)進行評議.

    2021年1月 有關POPs的斯德哥爾摩公約的各相關方將進行討論,是否將毒死蜱列入POPs公約附件。多方渠道獲悉,毒死蜱的主要生產國中國和印度明確反對將該產品列入POPs。




    Chlorpyrifos, which belongs to the group of organophosphate pesticides, is widely applied as an insecticide in agriculture and as a biocide to control non-agricultural pests. In 2008 chlorpyrifos pro-ducts were authorised for use in more than 88 countries. Usage as a biocide was phased-out in the European Union by Commission Decision (2007/565/EC) by 2008 (EC, 2007). A decision on phasing out most non-agricultural applications was adopted by the EPA in 2000 (US-EPA, 2006). However, usage as a biocide, e.g. for termite control in buildings, is still practiced in other countries. For example, termite control is still recommended by Indian authorities (GOI, 2020).

    In 2014 the human health risk assessment on chlorpyrifos was revised by the US-EPA (2014). Risks were identified for workers; potential risks were found for drinking water. According to the US-EPA (2017) exposure to chlorpyrifos is also linked to the delay of mental development of young children. In 2019, the renewal of the approval of chlorpyrifos for use as active substance in plant protection products has been denied in the European Union (EC, 2020), following the risk assessment carried out by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA, 2019). EFSA had concluded that the approval criteria, which are applicable to human health as laid down in Article 4 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 are not met. The data presented in this dossier is considered relevant, unless noted otherwise. All other information, as well as most tables, can be found in the INF-document.

    毒死蜱列入POPs的文件資料:Draft proposal for listing chlorpyrifos in Annex A to the Stockholm Convention

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